About Us

The Assessment and Training Centre is a privately owned centre based in Welling, Kent, UK. We provide vocational skills training and development, recruitment referrals, support services and mentoring services.

To achieve high quality services, The Assessment and Training Centre (TATC) have partnerships with various Health and social Care organizations and other vocational training providers in the UK.

We are experienced in developing and delivering high quality training packages, and work in cooperation with various employers to provide bespoke, creative, work based training for their staff.

We also offer recruitment services to recruitment agencies who we partner with, thus giving our participants opportunity to implement new techniques or skills learnt from us in their day-to-day operations.

Our philosophy

At the center of everything is our commitment, integrity and dedication to the services we provide for our clients.
The Assessment and Training Centre’s mission is to provide better value for all in with including the Health and Social Care sector through quality training and better impact for stakeholders by tailoring quality training to meet their needs and thus ensuring effective business growth.

Our aim is to provide high performance levels of effectiveness, efficiency, safety, equity, coordination, timeliness and people centred approach in the services we render.

The Assessment and Training Centre aims at improving employee skills to match and meet employee needs and employer’s requirements and expectations so as to enhance operational efficiency and maximize productivity.

About Us