“Despite challenges of coping with my little kids and the home front and completing my assignments on time, it was fun with the tutor who always draw us to herself. The opportunity given to me made me complete my Level 1 course when I actually thought I would only be able to do when my kids are in full time education. Opportunity I had prior this course was to do it in a college which was not beneficial for me”

Celina I, Student, September 2015

“I thank you my tutor, it is nice to be around people and get yourself out running again as well as being part of a good cause. It opens opportunity to continue in education.”

Tiffany A, Student, September 2015

“Every time I felt down, and want to give up learning, my tutor brings life back to me and I then continue with my course. Now I have completed and achieved my certificate. Thank you.”

Nadia F, Student, September 2015

“This course has turned my life around and made me self-sufficient. I am now employed as a care worker and received salary for the first time in my life”

Constance O, Student, September 2015